$40.8 million/year in products processed in this sector are purchased by companies within a 1-hour drive time of the Industrial Complex at the Port of Cates Landing with $5 million of those products being produced within the 1-hour drive time.  This leaves 88% being imported from outside the region, a $35 million opportunity for a company in this targeted industry sector to gain sales volume within 1-hour of the site.  When adding Mississippi River transportation to the picture, the region becomes much larger than 1-hour giving a huge opportunity for a site location in this sector to be successful.

With the economic advantages of transportation on the Mississippi River System and low-cost energy, the Industrial Complex at the Port of Cates Landing is ideally located to produce biofuels from grains moving through the region.  The markets for ethanol and biodiesel should be explored for opportunities to produce liquid fuels for sales in the region or exported via the river to distant markets.  This opportunity integrates the transportation strengths of the 345-acre certified industrial site with the agricultural strengths of the region to offer the operator alternative sources of grains as well as markets for the finished products.

Tennessee Select Certified 345 Acre Industrial Site

The Lake County Industrial Site at the Port of Cates Landing is a 345-acre certified heavy industrial site.  Adjacent to the port, this certified site sits completely out of the 500-year flood plain.  In addition, the site has up to 3,000 additional acreage which allows for permitting of Title V air permits.

  • • 345 acres
  • • No flood plain
  • • Adjacent to port on Mississippi River
  • • Sits in Foreign Trade Zone #283
  • • All geotechnical reports completed
  • • 3,000 additional acreage for PSD/Title V air permits


Business Facilities ranked Tennessee the No. 2 state in the nation for Infrastructure according to the magazine’s 13th Annual Rankings Report.


The Industrial Complex at Cates Landing has a very strong substation and is served by three (3) 161 kv lines from multiple generation sources. The substation also has a ring bus configuration allowing TVA to provide an extremely high level of reliability with virtually an uninterrupted power supply.

  • TVA is one of the largest operators of electric transmission lines in the US with approximately 16,000-miles of transmission lines.  13,000 miles of transmission lines are greater than 161kv.
  • TVA has a diverse power mix:
    • • 29 hydroelectric dams
    • • 11 coal-powered plants
    • • 9 simple cycle natural gas plants
    • • 5 combined cycle gas plants
    • • 3 nuclear power plants (with six operating reactors)
  • Gibson Electric Membership Corporation
    • • 12kV Electric line serving site
    • • 161kV Electric service to substation

Natural Gas

  • Lake County Utility District
  • • 4-inch line to site
  • • 200 psi


  • Gibson Electric provides both wireless broadband and fiber through agreements with the following service providers
    • • Aeneas Internet & Telephone
    • • AT&T
    • • Gibson EMC
    • • Ken–Tenn Wireless
    • • Time Warner
    • • Verizon Wireless

Water and Wastewater

  • Tiptonville Municipal Water and Sewer
    • • 12-inch water line serving site
    • • 8 MGD water system capacity
    • • 8 MGD excess water system capacity
    • • 12-inch wastewater line (under construction)
    • • 5 MGD wastewater system capacity
    • • 1MGD wastewater excess capacity



  • • The 9,000-linear foot slack water harbor within the Industrial Complex provides its industrial customers with unsurpassed loading and unloading capabilities including direct “Roll On/Roll Off” opportunities. The harbor can expand to 16,000 linear feet, if needed.
  • • The location along the Mississippi River is immediately south of the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. This makes its location near the northern-most point of the Lower Mississippi River puts the Industrial Complex near the population center of the United States.  There are no locks and dams from the Port of Cates Landing south to the deep-water ports on and along the Gulf of Mexico.


Highway Transportation

  • • The port is located near I-155, I-55, I-69 with connections to I-40.
  • • The port is directly served by State Highways 22 and 78 and subsequently supported by Federal Highways 51 and 412.

Railroad Transportation

  • • Plans are underway to build a 5 ½ mile rail spur, including on-dock rail facilities, that will connect the port complex to the TennKen Short Line and Canadian National Railroad.


Foreign Trade Zone

  • The Industrial Complex at the Port of Cates Landing is home to Foreign-Trade Zone No. 283. The FTZ offers importers exclusive benefits that are only available to zone users.
    • • These benefits include the reduction of or elimination of US Customs duties, the elimination of costly duty drawback programs, drastic reduction of transit times and delays at ocean ports, and an invaluable working relationship with the local Customs office.

Labor within a One Hour Drive time of the Region

Below are selected occupational categories that support an alternative energy or biofuel operation at the Industrial Complex at the Port of Cates Landing.

We have more employees than the national average in the following areas:

  • • 7 times the USA average employed in Plant & Systems Equipment Operators
  • • 3 times the USA average employed in Mixing and Blending Machine Operators
  • • 2 times the USA average employed in Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers
  • • 2 times the USA average employed in Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Our area has seen the following growth in occupations since 2010:

  • • 73% growth in Freight transportation arrangement
  • • 42% growth in Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels
  • • 33% growth in Fuel Dealers
  • • 23% growth in Sailors and Marine Oilers
  • • 11% growth in Plant & Systems Equipment Operators

We have the following number of Truck Driver in our Region:

  • • 1,844 Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers


Available Industrial Building Located on Dock

A 37,500-square foot building sits at the Industrial Complex Port of Cates Landing.  The building has 8” floors and has 5 drive-in doors and 5 dock doors.  Ceiling Height ranges from 24’ to 30’.

Free Community or Technical College Training for all Tennesseans - Tennessee Promise

  • • The Tennessee Promise provides free tuition for either a degree or certificate program for graduating high schoolers.
  • • Dyersburg State and Tennessee College of Allied Technology feature degree and certificate programs in Advanced Integrated Industrial Technology.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

  • The Tennessee College of Applied Technology with multiple locations in our region offers the following programs pertinent to this targeted sector:
    • • Diesel Power Equipment Technology
    • • Electronics Technology
    • • Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics
    • • Machine Tool Technology
    • • Welding Technology


Taxes/Business Climate

  • Business Facilities ranked Tennessee the No. 3 state in the nation for best business climate according to the magazine’s 13th Annual Rankings Report.
  • • There are no personal income taxes on wages and salaries in Tennessee.
  • • The state Corporate Income Tax rate in Tennessee is 6.5%.
  • • According to The Tax Foundation, Tennessee has the lowest state debt per capita in the country, meaning we will have sustainable, low taxes for the foreseeable future.


New Market Tax Credits, Cash Grant Combined with a Financing Program

  • • Financing Component:
    • • Projects which will have a significant economic impact and invest more than $5 million should consider this option.
    • • Financing provides for interest only payments for 7 years.
    • • At the end of Year 7, the principal on the note is due and is typically refinanced into a traditional loan with approximately 20% of the debt being forgiven if the project has hit its goals.
  • Cash Grant Component:
    • • At the end of Year 7, if you have hit your goals, approximately 20% of the debt associated with the project is forgiven.

USDA Rural Development Business and Industry Loan Guarantee

  • Loan guarantee up to $25 million to lenders for loans pertaining to business real estate, buildings, equipment, supplies, working capital, and debt refinancing. Lenders and borrower negotiate terms. Up to 30 years for real estate, 15 years for machinery and equipment, and 7 years for working capital.
    • • Loan guarantee for up to 80% of the loan should get your company a better interest rate from the lender.
      • • Guarantee is up to 80% for loans of $5 million or less
      • • Guarantee is up to 70% for loans between $5 and $10 million
      • • Guarantee is up to 60% for loans between $10 million and $25 million
  • Rural Business Development Loan and Grant program which is run through the local utility organization
    • • The utility borrows the money for 10 years at 0% interest to create a revolving loan fund which they can lend to your project.
    • • Money can be used for: Business expansion needs, fixed assets, real estate, buildings, equipment, or working capital.
    • • Up to $1.3 million may be requested ($300,000 grant and $1 million loan)


Local Incentives

  • • Tiptonville and Lake County are prepared to offer a lucrative package of local incentives including steep discounts in land costs and discounts in city and county property taxes.

State Programs

  • Click here to view the State of Tennessee’s incentives programs.

TVA Incentives

  • Click here to view the incentives offered by TVA


Support Services

The following companies are located within 1-hour of the Industrial Complex at the Port of Cates Landing:

  • • 68 General Freight Trucking, Long-distance, truckload
  • • 25 Commercial & Industrial Machinery & Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair
  • • 24 Site Preparation Contractors
  • • 11 Specialized Freight (except used goods) trucking, long distance
  • • 9 Specialized Freight (except used goods) trucking, local
  • • 8 Freight Transportation Arrangement
  • • 8 General Warehousing and Storage
  • • 6 General Freight Trucking, Long-distance, less than truckload
  • • 4 General Trucking and Freight, Local
  • • 6 Industrial Building Construction
  • • 5 Machine Shops
  • • 5 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • • 4 Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction
  • • 2 Shipbuilding and Repair and Maintenance

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